MARCELLO GALANTI International Organ Competition: the winners!

The Viscount Organ Company is pleased to annunce the winners of the Twelfth Edition of the "Marcello Galanti" International Organ Competition that has held at the Auditorium of the Ancient Galanti Brothers Musical Instruments Factory, a historic building in Mondaino on the 1st and 2nd October 2011.
The three finalists, that have played an UNICO 500 with Physis technology, have been respectively:
1) Balázs Elischer (price: "Chorale 3" Viscount Organ and a gold medal)
2) Anna Uchaikina (price: 2000 US Dollars and a silver medal)
3) Aleksey Vilegzhanin (price: 1000 US Dollars and a silver medal).
The Special Prize "Marcello Galanti", given by the audience, has been assigned to Anna Uchaikina.
Viscount, a Centenary Company - Viscount International SpA, a manufacturer of musical instruments, was awarded as Centenary Company during the assembly of Rimini Industrial Confederation. Viscount Organs at the AGO National Convention - Boston (MA) - USA - Viscount Classical Organs USA will be exhibiting at the "American Guild of Organists National Convention" that will be held in Boston (Massachusetts) on June 23-27, 2014. Come and see us at Marriott Hotel, Copley Place, booth #605. Installed the new organ in the Basilica of San Zeno - Verona (Italy) - On the occasion of the Epiphany's Concert, a new organ was inaugurated in the Basilica of San Zeno - Verona (ITALY). It is a UNICO 400 connected to several Viscount speakers.
The evening saw the pages in the repertoire of Handel, Brahms, Adam and Morandi.
The instrument was admirably played by M°Marcello Rossi, who has accompanied the Soprano Cecilia Rizzetto and the Tenor Diego Buratto, which have received the plaudits of the audience present.
Unico 400 Installation at Holy Trinity Anglican Curch - Dubai - United Arab Emirates - A UNICO 400 was recently installed in the church of Holy Trinity Anglican Curch, in Dubai - United Arab Emirates.
During the inaugural Ceremony on 13th December 2013 the Holy Trinity Church Choir performed under the masterful direction of the Organist and Director of Music Sanjeeva Palapathwala.
Numerous concerts with local and international organists and choirs have already been organized and will take place starting this month.
Unico 800 installation in " Nezahualcóyotl Concert Hall" in Mexico City, Mexico - From today the prestigious " Nezahualcóyotl Concert Hall" in Mexico City, a concert venue with the best first-class symphony orchestras worldwide, is home to a brand new UNICO 800 on a permanent basis. Battle of the organs - article - Positive article about the battle of the organs in Dundee's Caird Cathedral, Scotland written by Ian Stuart-Hunter. Unico CL6 installation in "Queen of Peace Catholic Church" in Bangkok - Thailand. - A Viscount Unico CL6 organ was installed and configurated in the "Queen of Peace Catholic Church" in Bangkok - Thailand.
The installation was performed by 101 Piano & Strings, our new distributor in Thailand.
Battle of the Organs: Harrison Organ vs Viscount Regent Classic Organ - We are really excited for this event where there will be a definite display of old organ technology versus new, and a grand stage to really appreciate the beauty of both instruments in all their glory.
The event starts on Friday 25th October 2013 at 7.30pm. at the Caird Hall in Dundee, UK
Unico 400 installation in”Pozsonyi úti Reformed Church, Budapest - Hungary” - The configuration of this Unico 400 installation consists of 4 pcs. V28 speakers and 1 pcs. V50s Subwoofer. This is the biggest Reformed Church in Budapest and will be the Official Hungarian Physis Organs Demo Point. The Organ is installed to floor and the speakers are installed in the gallery. Viscount Classic Organs will be exhibiting at the at the Music China 2013 in Shanghai - From October 10 to 13 Viscount Organs will be exhibiting at the at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong - Shanghai - China. Visit our booth E1A32 where you can try our Viscount Organs. Viscount Classical Organs UK events - Viscount Classical organs is hosting two thrilling events this autumn featuring some of the intrument leading international performers. An organ concert of massive scale in Washington D.C. (USA) - Two international organists, Jeremy Filsell and Neil Weston, will battle it out on a 64 Rank Four Manual Æolian-Skinner Pipe Organ and a Three Manual Viscount UNICO 400 with Physis Technology.
The concert will be held at The Church of the Epiphany in Washington DC on March 11 at 7.00 pm
Viscount organ Physis Technology Presentation in Chantilly, Virginia, USA - Viscount international and Withesel Organs (Viscount representative in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland) are pleased to invite organists, musicians and church members in Northern Virginia to attend a Physis Technology Presentation. Unico 500 custom installation at the Ancaster Christian Reformed Church, Ontario, Canada - Viscount International and "Schmidt Piano & Organ Service" of Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) are pleased to announce the completion of the Viscount custom Unico 500 console connected to a custom built Schmidt Classique Organ Sound System at the Ancaster Christian Reformed Church, Ontario, Canada Viscount Organs Distribution - Please note that this Internet website: it’s NOT AUTHORIZED to promote, deal and sell our Viscount Organs. Meeting 2012 for “Barn & Unga” (Children & Young) - in Concert Hall in Uppsala -Sweden - Our Swedish Viscount distributor Mr.Jerker Antoni ( was honored to provide an organ for Alma, 10 years old, who began the meeting playing on a Viscount Organ UNICO CLV4 in front of 1.200 people in the Concert Hall in Uppsala on 16 November 2012. Viscount at Cremona exhibition centre - Viscount classical organs will be present at Cremona Pianoforte exhibition from 28 to 30 September 2012 - Pavilion 1. "9 Organs in the Arena": a unique, impressive show - Nine organs will fill the ancient and massive arena in Verona. This unique, impressive show will take place on the 27th August, with nine organs playing together. The main organ will be a UNICO 700, the four-manual newest masterwork by Viscount. Viscount Organs at the AGO National Convention - Nashville (TN) - USA - Viscount Classical Organs USA will be exhibiting at the "American Guild of Organists National Convention" that will be held in Neshville (Tennessee) on July 1-6, 2012. Come and see us at the City Convention Center, West Exhibit Hall, booth #433 Viscount Classical Organs (UK) "Distributor of the Year 2011" - Viscount International SpA congratulates Viscount Classical Organs Ltd as winner of the "Marcello Galanti - Distributor of the year" award for the year 2011 Unico 500 installation in St Cyprian's Anglican Church in Port Harcourt (Nigeria). - Unico 500 installation in St Cyprian's Anglican Church in Port Harcourt (Nigeria).
The configuration consists of Minster speaking pipes, two pipe 27 facades, eight V30 acoustic boxes and a V50 sub woofer.
The congregation is enjoying the traditionally rich organ sound associated with Viscount products.
UNICO 700 organ installed in St Mattew's Anglican Church Gwarinpa- Abuja- Nigeria. - Viscount's first copy of the new Unico 700 four-manual organ has hit the market, and installed in St. Matthew's Anglican Church, Gwarinpa-Abuja, by Viscount's accredited distributor in Nigeria, Divine Organ House Ltd.
The Unico 700, a beautiful, intimidating, rugged organ is an organist's delight any day. The sound is very rich and compact.
Viscount UNICO 500 installed at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, (Maitama - Nigeria) - A Viscount UNICO 500 organ has been installed at the prestigious St. Matthew's'Anglican Church, which is situated in Maitama, a high brow area of Nigeria's capital Abuja. The Church has a sitting capacity for about 1,200 worshippers. There are eight V30 acoustic boxes, two V50 sub woofers, two pipe 27 facades and one Minster speaking functional speaking pipes. Demo-Concert given by Professor Ian Tracey at Lemington Spa (UK) - Professor Ian Tracey (see bio in the link below) will be performing a concert to demonstrate the revolutionary capabilities of 'Physis", physical modeling technology, at the magnificent All Saints’ Church of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (England). A PHYSIS Article published by MUSIC & LITURGY - Here following the link to an article written by Keith Answorth, Member of the Music Commitee of the archdiocese of Birmingham and published by "Music and Liturgy" Electro Vision Music Trading distributes Viscount in Philippines - Viscount International is pleased to announce that "ELECTRO VISION MUSIC TRADING" company has been appointed as Viscount Organs distributor for Philippines. High Glossy elegance - A UNICO CL 6 in a custom High-gloss black cabinet has been recently delivered to "De HeyZon", an exclusive restaurant and wedding center located in Kapelle-Biezelinge (The Netherlands). Pope Benedict XVI - On Sunday, June 19th, Pope Benedict XVI paid his first visit to republic of San Marino, the world's oldest republic located in the heart of Italian peninsula.
A crowd of 22000 people filled the stadium of Serravalle to attend the Mass celebrated by the Holy Father. A Viscount UNICO 400, A three manual Physis(r) organ, has been choosen as organ of the event.
Swedish customers - seminar on the Physis organs - It has been a great success the visit of our Swedish customers in our Factory in Mondaino which has been held on 15 June 2011 for a seminar on the physis organs, the new classic organ physical modeling technology. Professional musicians and organists had the opportunity to play our new organs. UNICO 400 in concert at Békéscsaba, Hungary. - At the end of last month was held in Békéscsaba, Hungary, a concert of the organist Rákász Gergely. On this occasion he performed on a UNICO 400 by viscount,with Physis technology, thrilling the audience in the hall. Double concert in Zaltbommel (The Netherlands) - Pieter Heykoop and Andrè de Jager, two of the most acclaimed organists in The Netherlands, played together an unforgettable concert at the St. Maartenskerk in Zaltbommel. In duet with the resident pipe organ, a UNICO 400 powered by physis, the revolutionary Physical Modeling technology developed and patented by Viscount. UNICO 400 at the "Koninklijke Concertgebouw" in Amsterdam. - About 1.700 people attended at a Gala concert held at the prestigious "Koninklijke Concertgebouw" in Amsterdam. A great event part of hundredth birthday's celebrations of the "Het Urker Mannenkoor Hallelujah" (director Bert Moll) who has seen an outstanding performance of the most acclaimed concert artists Great success at the NAMM Show ! - At the NAMM Show in Anaheim, Viscount Organs introduced the latest organ in the Unico line - the CLV8, powered by Physis - the new physical modeling technology that has been patented by Viscount. Viscount exhibits at the 2011 NAMM show ! - Viscount Classical organs will be exhibiting at the forthcoming 2011 NAMM show in Ahaneim (CA), on Juanuary 13-16. UNICO 400 - New Year Concert 2011 at the “Budapest Arena”- HUNGARY - Viscount is pleased to announce that the coming New Year concert (January 1st 2011) which will be held at the famous "Budapest-Arena" will be used a UNICO 400.
This concert will be the biggest Hungarian New Year Concert, on the biggest Hall in Budapest.
UNICO 400 at the Concert Hall of the new “Kodály Center”- Pécs-Hungary - We are pleased to announce that the new Kodály Center in Pécs-Hungary have chosen the UNICO 400 for the Concert Hall. The opening concert will be held on 16 December from the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, (Ambassador of PÉCS 2010 European Capital of Culture) UNICO Demo tour in Hungary - It has been a great success the presentation of our new UNICO organs in Hungary which has been held 28, 29 and 30 Oct. 2010 in three different cities, Pécs, Kazincbarcika and Budapest. Domus new show room opening ceremony - An incredible crowd of musicians, organists, friends and business partners attended the opening ceremony of the renewed Domus Show room in Veenendaal (Holland) during the past weekend. UNICO 500 Demo - Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia) - On November 15th, a very nice presentation of our UNICO 500 has been held in Rogaska Slatina (Slovenia). Our Maestro, Stefano Guaiana, had the opportunity to introduce to the large audience the new Physis technology, explaining in details all the features and great potentialities our UNICO line is able to provide. VISIT OF POPE BENEDICT - Cofton Park Birmingham,(UK) - We are delighted to announce that Viscount has been chosen to provide the Organ that will be used at the service on Sunday September 19th in Cofton Park Birmingham,(UK). the Service will be held to celebrate the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman. Unico and Pipe organ Duo Concert - A unique Organ-duo Concert, featuring the great organists Pietr Heykoop and André De Jager, will be held at the CuneraKerk in Rhenen (The Netherlands) on Saturday August, the 7th. A UNICO 500 performed in Saint-Eustache - Paris - A Physis UNICO 500 organ played at the world renown church of Saint Eustache in Paris, during an outstanding concert performed by the dutch male choir "Hallelujah" (Director Bert Moll) and Martin Mans. About 600 people attended the event, held on Friday, June 18th. Concert for Two Organs at Saint Eustache - We are very pleased to inform you on June 18th, c/o Saint Eustache Church in Paris, will be held a concert on our UNICO 400 UNICO 500 performed at the " 2010 Pre-Olympic Arts Concert" in Vancouver (Canada). UNICO "hands-on" comments - Here following some comments we collected from organists who had the opportunity to experience the UNICO 500 and the Physis technology UNICO 500 with Cameron Carpenter at the "Entertainment Gathering Convention" in Monterey, California - The Grammy-nominated organist Cameron Carpenter performed an amazing concert at the E.G. convention in Monterey, California, USA UNICO 400: "Okey" magazine review - The German magazine "OKEY" had an interesting review on UNICO 400 Viscount: "A GREAT COMPANY"